Here is a part being laser scanned into the computer. The scan information will be converted and worked using SolidWorks.

Please enjoy the following slide show of the Challenger project!

Be sure to check out the Shop Projects page for more of the Challenger!

Below are various photographs of our detail work.

This handsome 4-8-2 was a complete ground up concept project.

A Little Engines Atlantic that was a restoration project.

A Little Engines generic Atlantic that is being converted to a Pennsy E3.

Pictures clockwise from the top

  • 1.6" Mikado boiler
  • 1" G5 Ten Wheeler boiler
  • 1.6" 4-6-6-4 Challenger boiler

Boiler Shop Services

  • Godshall's has over 25 years experience in building and repair of steam boilers.
  • We can build or repair boilers up to a 12" barrel.
  • Our steel boilers are made with certified boiler plate and rolled copper flues.
  • We can add super heater units to most boilers.
  • For Pennsy fans your boiler can have a real Belpaire firebox!
  • We do all styles of boilers, traditional radial stayed, Belpaire, vertical, taper, and shay style.
  • We do steel boilers with copper flues. Sorry we do not build or service copper boilers at this time.
  • We have built, modified, or repaired boilers for Little Engines, Allen Models, Railroad Supply and full customs.

Construction and Repair Services

Godshall's is your one stop shop for all construction and repair services for your live steam project. With over 30 years experience in construction, restoration, and repair of live steam equipment. Weather you have a project that needs finished, detailed, restored, or have a custom project in mind, all of our work is performed to the highest level to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Do you have a project that was started but no time to finish? ~ Let us finish it for you!
  • Do you have castings, parts, or a kit engine but lack the time or skill? ~ Let us get it running on air, then build your boiler!
  • Do you have an engine that needs restored? ~ Bring it to us, we love restorations!
  • Unsure how to detail your engine? ~ Let us handle that for you!
  • Have an engine that is almost done? ~ Let us finish it and get it under steam for you!
  • Have an idea for a custom project? ~ Custom projects are our specialty!
  • Do you have castings or other parts that need machined? ~ We can do that! Be sure to check the About Us page for some of our machining abilities!
  • We also work on diesel, gas, electric, freight, passenger, and riding cars. ~ Talk to us about your plans and ideas!

Engineering Services

Godshall's is excited to announce the introduction of a new service available to you. Please stop by and see JG Conversions for 3-D scan and printing services.

  • Godshall's works with JG Conversions to provide detailed non-functional add-ons.
  • Have your unique scale parts made from railroad drawings and photographs.
  • Have your parts modeled from 3-D scans of full size, large scale engines, and rolling stock.
  • Your part is 3-D printed in plastic or can be printed in metal for use in a higher temperature location.

Bellow are shots of a exhaust steam injector that was created from pictures and measurements off a full size locomotive.Check out more details on the JG Conversions page!

Check below for some examples of our work!

Also be sure to check out the Photos & Videos page and our Shop Projects page for other examples.