Manual lathes with 12" to 25" swing.

Manual mills, surface grinding machines, presses, punches, etc.

We can turn 25" x 10' long.

Full sheet metal fabrication shop.

We can weld stick, MIG, TIG, silver solder.

Prottrak K3 CNC Mill

Ameri-Seiki TC-2

CNC Lathe

8 tool turret 12" swing

Matsuura MC-760v

CNC Machine Center

30 tool capacity

Prototrak DPM5

Bed Mill

40x20 travel

Godshall's Custom Machining is a full-service machine shop that specializes in both general machine services and the Live Steam hobby. We have done work for both the private sector and the Federal Government. We have made parts ranging from surgical eye tooling to parts that have been into space on the space shuttle.

We operate out of a 5000 square foot shop located in Shermans Dale, Pa. We are proud of our employees and our equipment. Together they produce high quality work at prices that customers can afford.

Below is an example of some of our equipment.